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Idle Human Evolution: A Unique and Addictive Idle Game APK

Idle Human is a game that helps users discover and create other parts of the human body. Through Idle Human, you will learn a lot of different organs, starting from bones and then to organs like the heart, brain, spleen, nerves, and muscles. And finally, is a complete human body.

idle human evolution apk

We consider Idle Human as an entertaining game and also an educational application with useful information about the human body. It is a brilliant choice for medical students or has a special interest in biology. Download Idle Human for both play and learn purpose via this link.

Idle Human is a considerable degree of time. The exquisite game graphics and the rigorous preconditions for various organs are like a skill tree, allowing players to learn more about the various organs and parts of the human body during the game. The relationship between is very helpful for popularizing the basic common sense of the human body.

These features make Idle Human become both an entertaining game and an educational application with useful information about the human body. If you are a medical student or have a special interest in the wonderful biological knowledge, download Idle Human to your device to play and learn.

Idle Human requires us to rebuild the entire human body, from bone structure to organs and skin. You can achieve this by clicking Create DNA. In this guide, we will help you create a human as quickly as by providing a series of tips and tricks to help us while we play.

Idle Human is an idle theme simulation casual mobile game launched by Green Panda Games. The game differs from other idle games combined with simulation management. It eventually develops into a business empire model. In the game, players will experience how to divide, grow, and develop into a complete human body from the first cell. The exquisite graphics, perfect collocation of bones, nerves, muscles, and other systems will show players a variety of incredible evolutionary processes.

The perspective of Idle Human is unique. It has strengthened from the combination of placement and simulation management common in mobile games. From the placement and simulation model, the game changes in building an economic empire to cultivating the growth of the human body.

From the perspective of gameplay, Idle Human takes the placement of gameplay as the core and presents the game content by simulating human growth. Cells will replace common money in idle games, and the amount of money earned per second will also become the number of cells born per second.

Players will need to encounter pre-generation when cultivating each part. For the conditions, such as unlocking the growth of the pelvic bones, you need to allow the foot bones and leg bones to grow out in advance. And then you can enter the next growth stage after obtaining the basic supportability. There are countless rigorous settings. It is very helpful for an in-depth understanding of the working functions of the human body.

The game screen of Idle Human is also very well made. The overall style of the game is simple, and the settings of various icons are also very attentive and precise. Besides the exquisite and detailed depiction of various parts of the human body, bones, internal organs, muscles, and nerves The details of human tissues are also exquisite, which will not create the feeling of a horror film, but also create an experience as if you are also a medical student.

In terms of experience, although Idle Human seems to be an educational game that understands the growth and development process of the human body, it still inherits the characteristics of idle (placement) in the name, and it still needs to be completed.

In the beginning, they tried several arcade games, which were all very successful. But during the operation of arcade games and the testing of game prototypes, they found that the arcade market was getting more and more crowded. Here, the internal game designers tried some new gameplay and materials and found several idle games. Through these games, they have some preliminary understanding of idle games.

With the release of games such as Sushi Bar, we feel that Green Panda Games has the DNA of idle games. We have done some systematic research, such as how to find some new gameplay, how to tune, including the design of advertisements. So, it can be quickly applied to the tuning of new games.

Ultra-casual idle games have a very strong capacity to absorb volume. Many people think that idle products have a bottleneck. But they are not familiar with this product. It is the material used in the purchase of Idle Human, which gives players a powerful sense of visual impact and satisfaction.

Other games have relatively high repetitiveness in the production of materials, which differs somewhat from the satisfaction that idle games give players. We will also tell players in the materials we use that they always have something new to discover in the game. After they unlock one part of their body, they can also unlock other parts, including in other games. The basic principles will also exist. This discoverable content not only gives players curiosity but also very loyal to this game, they will not leave this game easily.

Many designs can also be added to the idle game. In Idle Human, we use human bodies, aliens, and robots. We can apply all these materials to our purchase video for different target groups. It carries out the corresponding delivery.

Human Evolution Clicker Game is a game clicker (tap continuously on the touch screen) interesting. You will experience the evolution of all life on earth, from a single-celled organism to a living organism in modern times.

Experiment with different combinations and learn about the evolutionary origins of humankind. Unlike other clicker games, the Human Evolution Clicker Game is not a crossbreeding of creatures that are not real. Your mission is to create cyborgs, intelligent robots by going through all the evolutionary stages of bacteria, crabs, lizards, seals, dogs, monkeys, prehistoric humans, and ancient humans.

You will learn about the comprehensive evolution of cats, dogs, birds, and humans. It is a game about the development of life on earth. They design Human Evolution Clicker Game with stunning graphics, eye-catching graphics.

If you are a loyal placement game player, then you want to have one app that can deepen the understanding of the relationship between various parts of the human body. So, please do not miss this Idle Human game.

Have you ever thought how a human body works ? In Idle Human we give you a unique chance to discover and create the various parts of a human right from the first cell .Discovery the amazing sequence in which a human body unravels starting from the very first bones to every organ leading to the nerves and muscles and finally a complete human.

Mod V3 features:Unlimited DiamondsIdle Human is a unique simulation game that lets you create your own human being from scratch.You get to customize every aspect of your human's appearance, from their hair and eye color to their clothing and accessories.As you progress through the game, you'll earn diamonds that can be used to unlock even more customization options.

Idle Human MOD many gems - A clicker simulator in which you can learn the anatomy of the human body from scratch and create a human being yourself step by step from scratch. Start building the human body with the production of cells, which are responsible currency in the creation of tissue, to speed up the process of creating cells, gradually improve the production thereby speeding up the creation of cells and their number. Observe your own life creation process as the first bones, limbs then muscles, ligaments that will eventually give you the result of a human body begin to proliferate from the tissue.

To begin assembling your body, choose your specific model from the model selector on the left. Then click theBuild menu option on the right side of the screen. This brings you to a construction screen. Expending labor units costs additional time as the building process moves forward. Regularly watching ads grants you a lot of extra cells. You can also choose the time travel option to add this benefit to your game. Gems are the game's in-game currency. They're used to unlock different models in the game. These models include different cars, planes and even islands. A male human, or a male person. A female person is depicted in the image. Alien Cyborg Zombie Yeti Advertisement Regardless of progress made or body type, you can create a complete body model once your virtual creature reaches 100%.

In Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, you are a gym owner in charge of a gym. In Idle Human, you are a doctor whose job is to research and create the entire human body. All idle games share a similar premise; they're easy to play and feature simple mechanics that help players easily access and utilize the game's features. This game is no exception. The game gives you a list of body parts that need to be completed. You're not required to create any specific body parts, such as bones or muscle tissues, through the process. Instead, you're tasked with finding cells to create these body parts. Before the bones of the hand develop, you can create lungs. Regardless of when this occurs, the ultimate goal is to create a complete human body. A list of body parts and a rotating human body are on the display. The number of cells is displayed at the top of the screen. Cell size is increased by toggling the cell icon on the right. You can also increase cell size by touching the icon.

On the bottom of the display, a list of body parts appears as Idle Human continues to provide input. The game breaks human anatomy into four categories: bones, organs, control centers and protection. When certain other parts are completed, they become accessible to the player. For example, when the heart reaches level 2500 and the liver level 1000, several brain options become available to the player. Even when the player sleeps, new cells are constantly being created. This is true for the game as a whole; it's an idle human simulator, meaning its cells are generated even when the player isn't logged in. When sleep cycles are finished, the amount of cells a subject has gathered increases. Offline, upgrades can be made with more cells. 2b4c41e320


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